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Express Same Day Bio-Metric Services for Private Clients and Businesses

Points Based System Tiers 1, 2, 4 & 5/ Further Leave to Remain O/M / Settlement (O)/ (M)

If you or one of your employees need an express biometric appointment at the UK Visa and Immigration Agency (UKVI), Visa Management can assist you through this process from booking your appointments to preparing your documents and attending you at the UKVI in Croydon to obtain your visa.

Visa Management provides a same day express service. This involves assisting you to obtain an appointment at the UKVI on short notice, depending on your situation, and providing you with the above service. In these circumstances, a decision on your application will be made by UKVI on the same day and your passports and supporting documents will also be normally returned on the same day.

Your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) also known as a visa card will be sent to you or your representative by registered mail within 5-10 working days from the date of your UKVI appointment.


Same Day/PEO services for Immigration Advisors and Law Firms

Visa Management also provides a clerking service to immigration service companies and law firms dealing with immigration. Our Croydon base makes us an ideal partner for you.

We are Level 2 OISC regulated Immigration Advisors which means your clients can rest assured that they will receive a professional service while at the UKVI.

Our clerking services include:

  • Collecting client files from your offices.
  • Providing client care where requested, e.g, updating client.
  • Lodging the application with the UKVI at the allotted appointment time.
  • Visa Management clerks will meet and attend your clients at Lunar House in Croydon and take them through their biometric appointment
  • Collecting the files from the UKVI.
  • Checking that the UKVI has correctly issued your client’s visa.
  • Redelivering your client’s file and original supporting documentation back to your offices.

Please call 020 8665 4326 or email us for details on these services.